Del Monte Forest Conservancy (DMFC) was established in 1961 to own, manage, and maintain open space in Del Monte Forest for the benefit of current and future generations. Originally named Del Monte Forest Foundation the current name was adopted in 2012.

In 1977, DMFC and Pebble Beach Company adopted the Del Monte Forest Plan. 

 Del Monte Forest Open Space Advisory Committee (OSAC) was formed in 1979, to ensure that all dedicated open space within the Forest was properly maintained.

The Del Monte Forest Management Plan was adopted on April 1980. This meant DMFC accepted responsibility for managing and maintaining open space in the Forest in accordance with the plan.

On July 17th, 1984, the Del Monte Forest Area Land Use Plan was approved by the County of Monterey, and on September 24, the California Coastal Commission approved the plan. OSAC’s Open Space Management Plan was included as Chapter 7.

In 2012, the Pebble Beach Company’s Del Monte Forest Plan was approved by Monterey County and the California Coastal Commission. This plan provided that 635 more acres in conservation easements be granted to DMFC. This will bring the DMFC’s holdings to 25% of the 5,300-acre Del Monte Forest. 

Today, DMFC currently owns 230 acres in fee title, and holds conservation, scenic, or open space easements on an additional 507 acres. 

In the future, DMFC will continue to enrich its historic programs, add new programs/services as opportunities arise, and financial resources become available.