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Our Projects

Property and Easement Acquisition
Our team has identified key parcels contiguous to the organization’s holdings to further our mission of conversation within the Forest. 

Property Donation
To further our mission and protect our Central Coast, potential donors may want to consider estate planning, gifting, or tax relief contributions to the mutual benefit of donors and the foundation. 

Casita de Lemos – Gingerbread House – Restoration
Originally built by a local artist, this 1.02-acre property was later gifted to DMFC by the Pebble Beach Company in 1993. DMFC completed the restoration project in 2014.

Research within the Forest
Experts at the Conservancy participate as hosts and sponsor a variety of flora, fauna, & marine research projects. 

Reforestation Efforts
We maintain and enhance Forest habitat through propagation and planting of native species of trees, shrubs, and plants. 

Historic Preservation
DMFC cultivates relationships with donors who value the historic culture of the Del Monte Forest. 

Trail Maintenance and Improvement
We coordinate with the Pebble Beach Company to maintain and improve public use trails within the Forest for use by hikers, runners, and equestrians. 

Hazard and Fuel Reduction
Our team identifies and treats tree and fire hazards to protect public safety and enhance the ecological integrity of the forest. 

Non-Native Noxious Invasive Plants
DMFC has an extensive program to control invasive plants and prevent the damage they cause to our native ecosystems.

Rare Plant Protection and Research
DMFC actively engages with other agencies to manage and restore habitat for the protection and further research of six species of rare plants. 

Streambank Stabilization Project
We actively monitor storm drainage that destabilizes stream banks and negatively impacts the hydrology of the forest. 

Storm Water Run-Off Reclamation
Our team works hard to meet the Regional Water Quality Control Board mandates requiring summertime run-off water reclamation.