The Del Monte Forest Conservancy (DMFC) held approximately 440 acres in conservation easements when, in 2012, the Pebble Beach Company’s (PBC) Del Monte Forest Plan was approved by Monterey County and California Coastal Commission.  The 2012 plan provided that 635 more acres in conservation easements be granted to DMFC.

Beginning in 2017 PBC began to transfer more easement acreage to DMFC.  Additional acres of conservation easements have been acquired from various parties other than PBC.  In 2020, PBC submitted applications to Monterey County seeking approval to transfer to DMFC the remaining portion of the 635 conservation easement acres from the 2012 Forest Plan.  After those applications are approved DMFC will have accepted 1075 acres in conservation easements throughout the forest. When included with the 230 acres owned in fee by DMFC the Conservancy’s holdings will total 1335 acres. This represents 25% of the 5300 acre Del Monte Forest. 

Pebble Beach Company owns a vast majority of the property with existing DMFC conservation easements and will be granting The Conservancy new conservation easements on 635 acres of company property. Underlying ownership of those properties remains with PBC and PBC has the responsibility of maintaining those properties.  Owners of smaller conservation and scenic easements granted to DMFC will likewise retain underlying ownership and have the responsibility of maintaining the properties under the terms of each individual easement.

On all properties overseen by DMFC whether owned in fee or held by conservation easement, DMFC will cooperate with the Fire Defense Plan of the Pebble Beach Community Services District (PBCSD) and the Forest Health Plan developed by The Open Space Advisory Committee (OSAC).